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Scalewatcher Hard Water Treatment System

Would you like a maintenance free hard water treatment that prevents hard scale and makes the water feel softer and wash better without a water softener? For your house or swimming pool?Scalewatcher patented technology generates an electric field that affects the Calcium and Magnesium ions causing them to remain in suspension, the result is that the hardness flows with the water into the drain instead of attaching to pipes and appliances.


  • Improves water heater efficiency, saves power
  • Makes water feel softer, kinder to the skin and hair
  • Reduces scum and improves soap lathering
  • Improves water flow in severely scaled systems
  • Extend the life of water heaters
  • Extend the life of water filters and RO membranes
  • Prevent itchy skin due to hard water
  • Eliminate unsightly scale on faucets, shower heads, sink holes, toilets, etc.


  • No salt or chemicals needed
  • No maintenance, easy to install, no plumbing needed
  • Negligible power consumption (80 cents per month)
  • Effective on copper, steel or PVC pipes

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